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Jul 05
Why You Need to Be Ordering Your Cannabis Online

Why You Need to Be Ordering Your Cannabis Online

Are you about to head to the dispensary to check out the new flavors at the top of the menu? But, before you grab your vape pen and head out the door, hang back for a second. Have you ever thought about ordering your weed online?

Some people may feel attached to their local dispensary or private dealer. But, hey, we live in the digital age. If you can get your stash delivered to your door with an online order, is there any reason to get off the couch?

Why not just pick up your phone, log onto a reputable dispensary like, and place your order. Chill, watch a movie, and your order is at your door in no time. Save the trip to the store. Spend your off-day or weekend relaxing instead of battling the crowds at the dispensary.

Why Buy Your Weed Online?

There’s something special about dapping it up with your local dealer or chatting with the budtender at the local dispensary. We think of it as a ritual of sorts.

But let’s be honest, do you really need the hassle of the situation in your life?

Ordering online is just so much easier, and there are several benefits to avoiding that trip to the dispensary or local dealer.

Convenience and Privacy

There’s no need to jump in the car and head to the dispensary to buy your weed when you order online. Instead, make your purchase directly from your spot on the couch. World-class online dispensaries publish writeups and reviews on the strains you like, a full range of products and merch, and more.

You’ll find online dispensaries with everything you need, from flower to edibles, concentrates, and accessories. Plus, there’s no chance of you running into a work colleague that’s going to narc you out to the boss or meeting friends that want to come back to your place to smoke your stash.

Buying online allows you to purchase your cannabis in private. There are no interruptions from people telling you what you should and shouldn’t buy or poking around to see what you’re ordering. It’s a safe, secure experience, and you never have to leave the comfort and security of your home.

Product and Strain Variety

Product and Strain Variety

Online dispensaries offer you as much variety as physical dispensary locations – if not more. In addition, online dispensaries don’t have to be set up in high-rent retail locations. Instead, they operate out of warehouses in industrial zones where the rent is cheaper.

That means they have more space on hand to carry inventory. As a result, you’ll have a better selection online, and there’s less chance of the dispensary running out of your favorite strain or vape pen. In addition, online dispensaries have reviews on their products, allowing you to check what other people say about that specific strain and if it’s worth buying.

Shop Around for Prices

There are dozens of online dispensaries looking for your business. Prices have an industry standard for different grades of flower and concentrate. However, some dispensaries may charge more than others for specific strains. Buying online allows you to shop around for your cannabis. 

You can visit ten online dispensaries in a few minutes online instead of spending hours driving between dispensary locations. In addition, the best online retailers offer registered users discounts through promotions and coupon giveaways, so make sure to sign up to the mailing list of your favorite online dispensaries.

How Do You Know Your Buying from a Legit dispensary?

So, how do you know you are buying from an actual dispensary, not a scam site? The last thing you need is for someone to run away with your hard-earned money.

While cannabis scam sites aren’t commonplace, you might encounter them occasionally. Here’s how you can assess an online dispensary for being a scam site.

How Do You Know Your Buying from a Legit dispensary

Suspect Website Design and Copy

If the site has poor web design and is not functional and aesthetic, it’s probably a scam site. But, again, make sure that you’re dealing with a website with a credible reputation.

Check the Shipping Rates and Policy

Some online retailers will offer reasonable prices and fleece you with shipping. Make sure you check the shipping rates before blindly paying for your order.

Do they Have a Customer Service Department?

Check to see if the site has a customer service number or email. Then, call or email the company and speak to the service agent.

In Closing – Buy Weed from a Verified Dispensary

Buy your cannabis from a verified, reputable online dispensary. You get great prices and the most comprehensive range of cannabis flower, extracts, edibles, and accessories.

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