Green for Green at LEIFFA!

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle. Did you know that these are in order from most favorable to least? Knowing this core value has helped our team implement changes that first aim to reduce consumer waste, followed by reuse, and lastly traditional recycling. Why should traditional recycling be a last resort? According to the Environmental Protection Agency, of all the waste produced in 2017, only 8.4% of it actually was recycled. 

We’ve helped you reduce post consumer waste by offering multi-gram options whenever possible for all of our concentrates. Now our mission to reuse consumer cannabis packaging waste is underway! 

Recently, we’ve partnered with Green For Green who’s cannabis packaging reuse movement creates a positive environmental impact that is far better than traditional recycling. 

How does this work? Fabulous people like yourself save their empty plastic drams/pre-roll tubes or glass concentrate jars. Bring these with you on your next visit and place them in the Green For Green receptacle inside our dispensary. Our friends at Green For Green use a state certified sanitization process on all of these containers so that they can be reused for future use.