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Leiffa Solventless Products

Solventless Concentrates


At our core, we believe in providing access to a variety of solventless products that cover a wide range of consumption methods. Certain circumstances and situations aren’t always well suited for traditional dabbing, and to be honest, sometimes eating your cannabis works best!

All our edibles are made using Live Rosin. We filter and remove excess plant matter that remains in water hash, in an effort to refine and preserve the naturally occurring terpenes and cannabinoids for the ultimate combination of a tasty edible with potent, full-bodied experience.

Live Rosin Infused Chocolates

Leiffa Full Spectrum Rosin Infused Chocolate Bars are available in 100mg units, portioned at 10mg per piece. Made using full-spectrum rosin.

Available in a variety of flavor offerings: Cinnamon Affogato, Dark Chocolate and Cherry, Dulche De Leche, Milk and Cookies, Milk Chocolate and Peanut Butter Pretzel, and White Chocolate and Strawberry Crumble.

Live Rosin Infused Strain Specific Gummies

Leiffa Live Rosin Infused Gummies are available in 100mg units, portioned at 10mg per gummy. These gummies are strain specific. The strains and flavors are paired to compliment each other.

Flavors and pairing available are:

Mixed Berry: GMO and Strawberry Banana

Lemon Lime: Slurricane and Han Solo Burger

Peach: Yeti Glue and Fatso

Tropical: Tropsanto and Papaya Cake