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Leiffa Solventless Products

Solventless Concentrates

Fresh Press

Fresh Press Live Rosin is put into cold storage as soon as it is pressed. For most strains the consistency will be glassy, mostly clear, and golden. Certain strains will have a natural buddering process quicker than others even at cold temperatures, these will be more opaque and have a creamy white to off white color.

Cold Cure

For our Cold Cure, we collect the rosin from the press and put it all together in one big jar. We then allow the natural process of separation and buddering to occur before we finally whip the rosin together and put it back into cold storage. The consistency of the Cold Cure is a smooth, slightly wet batter.

Jam/Heat Cure

Our Rosin Jam is created by taking live rosin and putting it through a warm curing process. The rosin is collected together and put into a jar. It’s then put through a warm curing process. This combined with pressure from being in a sealed jar causes the THCa to separate. Once separated, the rosin is homogenized into a chunky, oily consistency.

2nd Press

Every batch of rosin gets a first press and second press as part of the extraction process. The 2nd Press Live Rosin is homogenized and taffy pulled to create a uniform consistency that is usually a stable, dry budder. 2nd Press is probably the easiest consistency to work with while dabbing.

Water Hash

We only release the best micron layers from a batch as Water Hash. We melt test every layer and only keep the highest quality to be weighed out into jars as it is straight from the extraction. Our Water Hash will be in a sand-like consistency that is sticky and will grease together over time as it is left out of cold storage.

Legacy Line

Our Legacy Line is comprised of only our most limited, and smallest batches. These are always made from 90u water hash from the first wash. Available in 3 different consistencies: Cold Cure, Rosin Jam, or Fresh Press.

Live Rosin Cartridges

500mg | 510 thread

Solventless concentrates in a discreet and easy to use device. Our Live Rosin Cartridges are made from the same rosin that we use in our dab-able concentrates. No additives, no  filler – 100% full spectrum live rosin.

Rosin Rolls

Hand rolled to ensure consistency and quality.

Leiffa Rosin Rolls feature a 0.3g cylinder of live rosin surrounded by 1.2g of flower specifically prepared for slow burning. The solventless and flower combined infusion is great for beginners and experts alike. It’s a great option for flower consumers looking to get into rosin, and also great for seasoned extract consumers who want to elevate their flower.


At our core, we believe in providing access to a variety of solventless products that cover a wide range of consumption methods. Certain circumstances and situations aren’t always well suited for traditional dabbing, and to be honest, sometimes eating your cannabis works best!

All our edibles are made using Live Rosin. We filter and remove excess plant matter that remains in water hash, in an effort to refine and preserve the naturally occurring terpenes and cannabinoids for the ultimate combination of a tasty edible with potent, full-bodied experience.

Live Rosin Infused Chocolates

Leiffa Full Spectrum Rosin Infused Chocolate Bars are available in 100mg units, portioned at 10mg per piece. Made using full-spectrum rosin.

Available in a variety of flavor offerings: Cinnamon Affogato, Dark Chocolate and Cherry, Dulche De Leche, Milk and Cookies, Milk Chocolate and Peanut Butter Pretzel, and White Chocolate and Strawberry Crumble.

Live Rosin Infused Strain Specific Gummies

Leiffa Live Rosin Infused Gummies are available in 100mg units, portioned at 10mg per gummy. These gummies are strain specific. The strains and flavors are paired to compliment each other.

Flavors and pairing available are:

Mixed Berry: GMO and Strawberry Banana

Lemon Lime: Slurricane and Han Solo Burger

Peach: Yeti Glue and Fatso

Tropical: Tropsanto and Papaya Cake