Updated Shopping Procedures at LEIFFA
In-Store Shopping & Express Online Orders

LEIFFA Management
Tuesday, April 13th    5 min read

In accordance with Jefferson County's guidelines on COVID-19 we have amended our store shopping procedures. 

Everyone entering the store is still required to wear a nose and mouth covering mask and obey all social distancing guidelines.

Leiffa will now allow up to 8 visitors on the shopping floor at one time. This means that if we are at that capacity, you may still be asked to wait outside or in your car. 

Additionally, we will be resuming some aspects of the In-Store shopping experience. We will have 2 registers open for In-Store Shopping. Because it's still really nice to get more hash, with less hassle - we will reserve the remaining 2 registers to serving Express Orders. Express Orders includes all pre-orders placed and confirmed with us before visiting our store front. 

In-Store shoppers may request to have a Patient Advisor show them a product of their liking. You will not be able to smell or touch any products.

We will cut-off all In-Store Shopping at 6:30pm every day to ensure that we can accommodate all patients adequately prior to state mandated closing time. 

We still require that all Express Orders be picked up without additional add-ons. If you would like to add ANY product to your order, you will be asked to join the In-Store shopping queue to complete your transaction. This may mean that you are at the end of the In-Store Shopping line.  

Notice: Pre-Order Pick Up Policy

LEIFFA Management
Friday, March 20th    10 min read

ATTENTION: Based on the recommendations and suggestions put forth by CDC, Governor Polis, local governments, Marijuana Enforcement Division, Department of Excise and Licenses, and Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment we have made adjustments to our daily operations.

Starting Saturday, March 21st - LEIFFA will transition to a pickup order policy only. This means we will no longer be accepting walk-in patients. We will continue to monitor the pandemic of COVID-19 and will resume normal business procedures once we feel necessary. We understand that change is very difficult but we ask that you work with us. It is only through all these adjustments that we feel we can best serve our community. It’s our hope that our creative solution will allow every single one of our visitors safe access. 

Our staff will continue to wear gloves while working in the store. Sanitization of high touch areas and surfaces will continue. We also continue to ask staff and patients alike to stay home if you are feeling sick.

We ask that if possible you place an online pre-order via our electronic Weedmaps menu. If you cannot do so, reach us at (303) 233-3901. We will take your name and number for a patient advisor to call you back. If you cannot reach us via phone - we will provide you a paper menu when you check in. We anticipate that our phone lines may get very busy - if you cannot order online but can send an email we will also accept email orders via orders@leiffa.com

Please view the information below for instructions regarding online ordering, phone ordering, and paper menus so you are informed of our process. These processes are open to change and adapt at any time. As circumstances arise we will try our best to work with you through them.  

Available Shopping Methods - in order from most preferred to least. Please be considerate. 

  1. Online Ordering
    1. Visit our up-to-date Weedmaps menu at https://weedmaps.com/dispensaries/leiffa
    2. All cart totals on Weedmaps are estimates. These prices reflect guest pricing and no added discounts. All transaction discounts will be added in store. 
    3. Our Weedmaps platform will keep you updated on the status of your order.
    4. Please only come to pick up your order once you have received confirmation from Weedmaps that your order is ready. 
  2. Email Ordering 
    1. Send all emails to orders@leiffa.com
    2. With your full name and phone number attached, email us your order or inquire about product availability. We will try to get back to you as soon as we possibly can. 
    3. We will notify you by email when your order is ready. You may also receive a phone call. 
  3. Phone Ordering
    1. Place all calls at (303) 233-3901
    2. If a patient advisor is available immediately they will take the call at that time. 
    3. If not, we will take your name and number in the order that you call. Once a patient advisor is available they will call you back to proceed. We will be able to give you an estimated total. 
    4. If we are able to pull your order while on the phone, you will be notified that your order is ready then. If this is not possible due to demand, we will call you back once your order is finished. 
  4. Menu Ordering
    1. As a last case scenario for our patients without phones or access to the internet we will offer a paper menu ordering option. We will deal with this in a case by case scenario at the check-in window. 

I’ve received notification that my order is ready! Now what? ↓↓↓↓

Check-In/Queuing Process

    1. Arrive at the store promptly after confirmation. If circumstances arise that you cannot proceed directly to the store, please notify us. 
    2. Please have a valid government issued ID, CO medical card, and cash ready when you arrive. The ATM is available for use and will be disinfected after it is used.
    3. We ask that you enter the store’s vestibule to check in. If you open the second set of doors and see someone at the window, please wait outside until they exit. 
    4. If a line begins to form outside we ask that you keep the recommended 6’ of space between one another. Should it be needed we will place chalk lines on the sidewalk for help. 
    5. Once you are able to access the check-in window we will verify your legal documents with as little contact as required. It is at this time that we will add you to the queue. We may ask how you would like to be notified that it is your turn - phone call or text.
    6. After being added to the queue, we ask that you return to your vehicle or outside to wait. 
    7. If you do not have a vehicle or cannot physically stand outside we have made physical store changes and will accommodate you to the best of our ability. 
      1. We will have a LIMITED amount of seating available inside. Following guidelines from health officials these seats have been moved at least 6’ away from one another as well as staff areas. We ask that you use these options ONLY if completely necessary. If you have the means to wait outside or in your own vehicle you, please do so.
    8. As patient advisors become available to assist you with your pick-up order you will be notified by call or text that it is your turn. Please proceed back inside promptly. 
      1. Due to the close proximity of our service bays we will be trying to limit the amount of patients in the store at once time. This means we may only have 2 registers open.

In-Store Procedure / Person to Person Contact

  1. Once with a patient advisor and at the counter we may ask you to take a step or two back to respect a safe 6’ distance. 
  2. The patient advisor will then briefly go over your order with you. We ask that you be understanding with our staff and make as few changes as possible. If we have to substitute product due to availability we will try to call you to discuss ahead of time.
  3. At this time we will also apply any promotional discounts or credits you may want to use before proceeding with payment.
  4.  Ultimately we want to reduce the total amount of time each visitor must spend in the store. This may mean that your transaction and interaction with our staff may seem short. It is never our intent to be cold or unwelcoming and we apologize if it feels that way. This isn’t our preferred or normal business practice but we must do our part to operate in a way to protect everyone. Ideally our transaction times will remain under 5 minutes to ensure the safety of everyone involved. 
  5. Please double check your order before leaving the parking lot. Human error happens especially as we navigate uncharted waters. Please notify us as soon as possible if there are discrepancies.

Every day brings new information as well as challenges and we will only get through this together. If you have feedback for improvement submit that also to orders@leiffa.com

*Updated* COVID-19 Response Actions

LEIFFA Management
Thursday, March 19th    3 min read

ATTENTION: Based on the recommendations and suggestions put forth by CDC, Governor Polis, local governments, Marijuana Enforcement Division, Department of Excise and Licenses, and Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment we have made adjustments to our daily operations.

We will temporarily close this Friday, March 20th. This small reprieve will give us the necessary time to: increase store sanitization, process flower inventory, and prepare our third party products for sale. Beyond that, we acknowledge that our dispensary staff is among those continuing to serve our community and we hope this small break will also lend them some time to reset during very busy times.

LEIFFA will reopen Saturday, March 21st at 9am for pre-order pickup options only!!!!!

Please visit our Weedmaps menu to pre-order online or reach us at 303-233-3901 to place a phone reservation. More information regarding this process to follow.

We know how difficult change can be especially during uncertain times, but ask that you remain patient with us as we transition through this phase. It is only through these adjustments that we feel we can continue to provide safe access for our community and staff. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your ongoing support.

COVID-19 Response Actions

LEIFFA Management
Friday, March 13th    2 min read

 As the global pandemic of COVID-19 continues to spread and is beginning to affect our local Colorado community we are weighing all options pertaining to the operations of our garden, laboratory and medical dispensary storefront. During these turbulent times safety is our number one priority.

Beginning immediately (3/12/2020) our LEIFFA Lakewood Medical dispensary will no longer allow the handling of our products like deli-style flower, concentrate displays etc. LEIFFA will provide small sample jars that may be observed instead of our normal larger displays. Extra precautions in regards to store sanitization and cleanliness have been put into place at this time as well. We also ask that everyone continue to follow the CDCs guidelines for proper hand washing and to stay at home if you may be symptomatic.

We recognize that many of our patrons use cannabis to medicate for a variety of ailments and are aware that much of this community is at a heightened risk. It is because of this that we have followed the lead of others in the community in an attempt to prevent community spread while still operating as close to normal as possible.

Putting safety first is our biggest priority. We will continue to listen to the expertise from scientists, professional health experts and community leaders so that we can make informed decisions regarding the operations of our brand in a way that also protects and serves our communities.

If you have any concerns please address our management directly at info@leiffa.com.