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What’s in this thing?
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“Aspen Glue”

Aspen OG + Yeti Glue

“Aspen Runtz”

Aspen OG + Red Runtz

“Bad Santa”


“Banana Burger”

Strawberry Banana + Han Solo Burger

“Banana Grease”


“Bantha Fodder”

GMO + Han Solo Burger

“Berry Funky”

Blackberry Octane + GMO

“Berry Greasy”


“Berry Patch”

Blackberry Octane + Strawberry Banana + Aspen OG

“Berry Shortbread”

Blackberry Octane + GMO-Si-Dos

“Blackberry Banana”

Blackberry Octane + Strawberry Banana

“Blackberry Cake”

Blackberry Octane + Papaya Cake

“Blackberry Cream”

Blackberry Octane + Grape Cream Cake

“Blackberry Island”

Blackberry Octane + Tropsanto

“Blackberry Mountain”

Blackberry Octane + Aspen OG

“Blackberry Slush”

Blackberry Octane + Slurricane

“Blackberry Soda”

Blackberry Octane + Grape Soda

“Blaster Beltz”

Mandarin Beltz + Han Solo Burger

“Cheese Cakes”

Ingrid + Papaya Cake + Grape Cream Cake


Grease Monkey + Yeti Glue + Han Solo Burger

“Cluster Funk”

Various +

“Cream Of The Crop”

Aspen OG + Grape Cream Cake

“Cream Slush”

Grease Monkey + Slurricane

“Cream Soda”

Grease Monkey + Grape Soda

“Cream Spritzer”

Grape Cream Cake + Spritzer

“Double Grape”

Grape Cream Cake + Grape Soda

“Endor OG”

Aspen OG + Han Solo Burger

“Fizzy Mandarinz”

Mandarin Beltz + Spritzer + Red Runtz

“Force Awakens”

Spritzer + Han Solo Burger

“Fruit Cup”

Melon Chunkz + Strawberry Banana

“Fun In Aspen”

Aspen OG + Funyunz

“Funky Papaya”

Papaya Cake + GMO

“Gas Pie”

GMO + Grape Soda + Lato 95

“Gas Trees”

Aspen OG + Lato 95 + Strawberry Banana

“General Organa”

Do-Si-Dos + Grape Soda + Han Solo Burger

“Giant Strawberry”

Fatso + Strawberry Banana

“GMO Melon”

GMO + Melon Chunkz

“GMO Pie”

GMO + Grape Soda


GMO + Do-Si-Dos

“Grape Aspen”

Grape Soda + Aspen OG

“Grape Lato”

Grape Cream Cake + Lato 95

“Grape Palm Trees”

Grape Soda + Aspen OG + Tropsanto

“Grape Runtz”

Grape Cream Cake + Red Runtz

“Grape Slush”

Grape Cream Cake + Slurricane


Grape Cream Cake + Blackberry Octane


GMO + Red Runtz

“Highway 82”

Lato 95 + Aspen OG


Han Solo Burger + Blackberry Octane + GMO

“Island Boy”

Grease Monkey x Slurricane x Trop Santo +

“Island Grove”

Tropsanto + Grape Cream Cake

“Island Yeti”

Yeti Glue + Tropsanto

“It Is Groot”

Aspen OG + GMO

“Jabba the Hutt”

Fatso + Han Solo Burger + GMO

“Lato Cake”

Lato 95 + Papaya Cake

“Lotta Spritz”

Lato 95 + Spritzer

“Mace Windu”

Han Solo Burger + Spritzer + Grape Cream Cake

“Mandarin Berry”


“Melon Berry”

Blackberry Octane x Melon Chunkz +

“Melon Slush”


“Melon-yum Falcon”

Melon Chunkz + Han Solo Burger + Aspen OG

“Moon Drops”

Grape Cream Cake + Grape Soda + Tally Mon

“Mt. Slurri”

Slurricane + Aspen OG

“Muir Island”


“Palm Trees”

Aspen OG + Tropsanto

“Papaya Cream Soda”


“Papaya Funk”


“Papaya Legend”


“Papaya Runtz”

Papaya Cake + Red Runtz

“Papaya Slush”

Papaya Cake x Slurricane +

“Papaya Smoothie”

Melon Chunkz + Papaya Cake + Tropsanto

“Papaya Soda”

Papaya Cake x Grape Soda +

“Papaya Trees”

Aspen OG x Papaya Cake +

“Prize Papayas”

Papaya Cake + Fatso

“Raoul Duke”

Slurricane + Lato 95 + Spritzer

“Rebel Alliance”

Han Solo Burger + Papaya Cake + Slurricane

“Red Slush”

Red Runtz + Slurricane

“Red Spritzer”

Red Runtz + Spritzer

“Red Velvet Cake”

Papaya Cake + Aspen OG + Red Runtz


Yeti Glue x GMO +

“Ski Mask”



Papaya Cake + Red Runtz + Slurricane





“Sour Berries”

Sour GMO X Blackberry Octane X Strawberry Banana +

“Sour Cream Lato”

Sour GMO Cookies + Grape Cream Cake + Lato 95

“Sour Dosi”

Do-Si-Dos X Sour GMO +

“Sour Grapes”


“Sour Heads”

Sour GMO Cookies + Ingrid + Fatso

“Sour Melons”

Sour GMO x Melon Chunkz +

“Sour Papaya”

Sour GMO Cookies + Papaya Cake

“Sour Runtz”

Sour GMO Cookies + Red Runtz

“Sour Trop”


“Sourberry Soda”

Sour GMO x Yeti Glue x Grape Soda +

“Space Force OG”


“Sponge Cake”

Papaya Cake + Aspen OG + Grape Soda

“Spritz Island”

Tropsanto x Han Solo Burger x Spritzer +

“Strawberry Champagne”

Strawberry Banana + Spritzer + Tropsanto

“Strawberry Chunkz”

Strawberry Banana x Melon Chunkz +

“Strawberry Grease”


“Strawberry Runtz”

Red Runtz + Strawberry Banana

“Strawberry Slush”


“Strawberry Trees”

Strawberry Banana + Aspen OG

“Strawberry Trop”

Strawberry Banana + Tropsanto


Strawberry Banana x Lato 95 +

“Strawnana Cookies”

Strawberry Banana x GMO +

“Strawpaya Smoothie”


“Sugar Rush”

Strawberry Banana + Red Runtz + Grape Soda

“Sugarcane OG”

Strawberry Banana + Grape Soda + Aspen OG

“Tally Berry”

Tally Mon + Blackberry Octane

“Tally Me Banana”

Tally Mon + Strawberry Banana

“Tally Me Papaya”

Tally Mon + Papaya Cake

“The Milano”

Aspen OG + GMO + Lato 95

“Too Much Cake”


“Triple Threat”

Do-Si-Dos + Red Runtz + Slurricane

“Tropical Octane”

Tropsanto + Blackberry Octane

“Tropical Papaya”

Tropsanto + Papaya Cake

“Tropical Slurri”

Tropsanto + Slurricane

“Tropical Soda”

Grape Soda + Tropsanto

“Wook Soda”

Aspen OG + Grape Soda + Grease Monkey

“XL Berries”

Blackberry Octane + Fatso

“XL Runtz”

Fatso + Red Runtz